Ephesus Map

Ephesus is the historical name of the city that is now known as Selcuk. As you choose to explore the place, it is necessary that you could find an Ephesus map that includes the entire ancient structures and attractions that you should not miss visiting. It is the perfect tool that you should not miss adding in your travelling kit throughout Turkey.

Once you get any of the Ephesus Maps available for you, you can always get the opportunity to enjoy all of the sites in the ancient city and feel the time and life in the ancient times. Some of the sights and attractions that are included in the map of Ephesus are the temple of Hadrian, the Basilica, the Marble Street, the Stadium, the Church of St. Mary, the Grand Theatre, the Fountain of Pollio and more

Ephesus map Turkey

Ephesus map Turkey

On the other hand there are number of tour operators that do Private Ephesus tours. One of the well known one is the located at Kusadasi port in Turkey. See their tour and excursion options and decide later.

As you get the right and detailed ephesus map, you will get all the directions needed to ensure that you can get to the right place where you are planning to head. You will easily see the entirety of the ancient city and even set out your itineraries through the entire ancient map. Once you get the official map for the ancient city, do not miss the chance to enjoy all of the attractions that can be found in the site.

The entire Ephesus map that you can get will show you the extension of the entire city and see how large the entire ancient city of Ephesus is. This is sure to give you the ease of searching through the entire city of all the things that you can explore and how you want your entire tour in the ancient city to run. You will definitely have an easy time strolling throughout the ancient city and set your trip on how long you would stay in each path to visit all attractions.

Ephesus map – small but useful for your Ephesus tour

There is no doubt that once you start planning to go for an exciting and interesting Ephesus tour, the first thing you should find is an map of Ephesus. Whether you buy tours from tour companies or go for these tours privately, an Ephesus map is necessary in any case. Of course, you wouldn’t want the tour guide to follow you everywhere or you to follow your tour guide. You would definitely want some private time with your family as you view the beautiful places in ancient ruins and the different sites in the ancient site. There are many exciting activities to indulge in like skydiving or dining in one of he great Turkish restaurants, and of course, you wouldn’t do that along with your tour guide. ephesus map In other case if you choose to take the tour yourself and have an adventure driving to area and roaming around the entire city, you would obviously need an Ephesus map.

How an Ephesus map can be useful?

Following are the reasons why you need an map:
  • You will need the map to drive to this area. If this is your first time in Ephesus Turkey, then of course, you will have no idea about the way that leads. For that, your map will guide you.
  • If you get lost along your drive, your map will be very useful in helping you.
  • Your map will tell you about the places to visit and how to reach each place.
  • Your map will guide you while you are in Ephesus and will help you if you are lost there.

Some thing to looks for when finding an map of Ephesus

  • Try to find an Ephesus map from a travel website so it will also give you information about each place in detail. Don’t use google maps since they are not as comprehensive as you would want them to be.
  • The map should be interactive and it should reveal the information about the history and importance of each place you click on to. This way, it will be easy to beet the information and knowledge about each place and make your tours more interesting.
  • Your map should be detailed enough and should include all the places and all the attractions in Ephesus area not just the major ones. This means that if your map locates the ancient site on it, it should also locate all the places at this particular site and all the attractions you should visit like the temple of Artemis.
  • Make sure the map not only locates the ancient city site which is the major attraction but also locates other attractions including small villages, restaurants and sacred places.
Such a map will really help you in your Ephesus tour.  If you have Internet service in your smartphone, it will be a plus point since you can access the map from your cell phone only. But if you don’t have a smart phone or Internet service then you can download the map on your laptop. Or just print it put from the Internet if none of the above is available to you.

Ephesus, a must visit place in Turkey

If you are planning a vacation to Turkey which is getting very popular among tourists because of the many tourist attractions in the area, you must be looking for more information regarding this. Usually people look for information about things to do in turkey. It seems to be a very boring country with only historical and architectural attractions but in reality Turkey is really the most exciting, yet calm and peaceful place one could visit. For a relaxing yet entertaining vacation, Turkey is the best place to choose. Among all the attractions in Turkey, Ephesus city is a major tourist attraction that gets thousands of visitors every year. It is actually a historical site that now contains the ruins of an ancient city that was once very popular and a major trade center. It is worth visiting and admiring the great architectural monuments that people in the ancient times built there. Although, most of those monuments are now in ruins but many of them have been preserved and restored. Ephesus historical site is a treat for history lovers. Ephesus Both old and young are going to love this site and it is really a must visit place during your vacation to turkey. Visit Ephesus through one of the Ephesus shore excursions packages available and enjoy this great historical museum.

The legend behind Ephesus

Ephesus has many historical attractions and places which are very significant historically. However, the history of Ephesus itself is very popular. Ephesus was actually founded by Androclos, son of Kodros. Adroclos had fled from Greece during the Dor invasion and was looking for a new place to settle down the group of migrants he was leading. The place of Ephesus is popular because the place was chosen and determined by a fish and a boar which was traditional and mythical method of finding a place to settle. The place was determined when a fish fell out of a frying pan while frying and fell on a boar standing nearby. The boar ran away out of fright and Androclos followed it. The place where he killed the boar was the place where Ephesus was located in those times. The location of Ephesus shifted many times to different places due to the deposition of silt and alluvium. Originally, it was created on a harbor and served as a port and a major trade center. It was very significant in those times since it was on a very strategic location and many great monuments of history were built there. Places to visit in Ephesus:
  • House of Virgin Mary: this place is very popular and holds a great religious value and significance. It is the place where Virgin Mary was believed to stay in her last days.
  • Temple of Artemis: it was one of the finest pieces of architecture and design. The statues famous for this temple are worth having a look at.
  • Theater: the theater in Ephesus was the largest in the world and you would simply be inspired by looking at the mere size of it, which is so large that it could accommodate 25000 people there.
  • The church of Virgin Mary: this is a very important religious center even today and many of the religious conferences were held here.
  • The Agora: it was one of the famous and important marketplaces in the ancient city of Ephesus. Even today, it is worth visiting and admiring the great structure and design of an ancient marketplace.

Ephesus Turkey,ancient and historically important city

Ephesus is located on the western coast of Turkey and it was one of the largest and the most important trading and religious center in the ancient Mediterranean world. It was located on a very strategic location that made it popular for trade and commerce. Nowadays, it is considered as an outdoor museum with the best preservation of the antiques found here. Although over the years, the architectural buildings and monuments were being looted and destroyed, but still the remains found here refreshes the history behind them.

Origin of Ephesus

Ephesus History is very amusing. However, the stories behind the origin of the city are all legendary and mythical. It is known that the city was founded by the son of Kodros, Androclos who had fled from the Dor invasion in Greece and was seeking a place to settle down with his group of migrants. The place of Ephesus here the group settled down was determined by a fish and a boar. A fish fell down on a boar and frightened him. The boar fled away and Androclos chased the boar. Ephesus was founded where the boar was killed. However, it was only the legend. The historians tell us that the city was made by Ionians in 11th century BC. It was known to be the largest Greek settlements on the Aegean Sea. This city was made at the mouth of the Cayster River and so, it was a very important sea port and developed as an important center for trade and commerce later.

Religious importance of Ephesus

Ephesus held a great religious reverence. The ancient shrine of the earth goddess, Artemis was very important here and it is still found. People travel from faraway places just to be honored to visit this ancient shrine. The city of Ephesus was developed around this shrine and it played an important role in the spread of Christianity. Ephesus holds a great importance and reverence in Christianity especially after Saint Paul came here and used this city to spread Christianity in Greece. This increased the honor Ephesus holds religiously. There is also the house of Virgin Mary which is very popular around here and Christians from all over the world come to visit this honorable place.

History of Ephesus

Ephesus History - Terrace Houses

Ephesus has been ruled by many emperors which included the Lydians, Ionians, Persians and Romans. Each of the rulers added some significance to the city by having buildings and monuments constructed there. It had always been governed by a democratic system. The city prospered a lot and in the time between 1-4 AD, it become so prosperous and reached its peak in terms of wealth and trade, that it became the capital of New Asia. However, as the world economics began to change the harbor was being deposited by silt and alluvium, the importance of Ephesus as a trade center slowly started to fade. And now, it is a great outdoor museum and a restored and preserved historical site that attracts thousands of visitors very year. Ephesus tours are definitely a must in your vacation to Turkey. If you are on a cruise ship, you can book Ephesus Shore Excursions from many travel agents operating in Kusadasi Turkey. Ephesus is really a worth visiting place with amazing historical sights to view and admire. It is a treat for history lovers and people would simply wonder about the time of this ancient city and about the rise and fall of such great empires.

Highlights about Ephesus Private Tours

Well, there are many places around the world that can be visited. However, the thinking of people changes with time. there are times when people want to go to places that are dominant with natural beauty. However, nowadays more of the people are concentrating towards the cultural sites, like the Middles east par. turkey is one of those places, and Ephesus is the ancient city in Turkey, that is being visited by a number of tourists who find themselves attracted towards religious places like House of Virgin Mary, or churches, and other cultural and architectural places. There are a number of Ephesus private tours, that allow a number of facilities.

Private Ephesus Tours

Ephesus Tours

There are a number of private Ephesus Tours available, that range from those with different prices, and those with different itineraries. There are short, half day tours that last for almost three or four hours, and there are full day ones that last for approximately seven hours. The places visited also differ by the types of tours. there are a number of places to visit in Ephesus. These include the marble streets, the libraries, the fountains, theatres, temples, and not just this. There is also the temple of Artemis, which is considered as one of the many wonders of the world. there are also the ruins of the ancient times, and that is why many people who love to study and know about the ancient life, and world history, are more attracted towards them. Other remarkable places to visit in the private tours include the Museum of Ephesus, and the St John’s Church along with the famous Celsus library. The House of virgin Mary is also a place to visit, which is known to be the place where Mary spent her last days of life. Ephesus shore excursions are also remarkable and a must thing to be apart of the trip to Turkey.

Ephesus Tour Prices

Talking about the prices of the Ephesus private tours, they vary according to the number of persons. As there are more people, the price per person decreases. for instance, one of the many private tour companies have the rate of 100$ per person if there are 2 people. However, if the number of person increase to five or more, the rate per person goes as low as 70$ per person. the rates are really cheap, in terms of going round the city in your private car, with a private guide especially for you, to explain you about the sites, and to answer all your questions. So if you are looking for different Private Ephesus tours, you will find some that will take you to just a single destination, while there will be the full day ones that may cover four to five places in the tour. No doubt, many of the tourists consider the ancient city of Ephesus to be a showpiece of the ancient period.

Private Ephesus

A trip round the ancient Ephesus in the private vehicle will mean departing from the town of Kusadasi and witnessing the various beauties of nature, until you discover the ruins of the past. The city is known to be the capital in the Roman Period, when Queen Cleopatra rode round the city on procession. After a complete round to the city, the tourists return to the destination from where they started. Whatever the type of tour, and the charges, there are a few things in common for all. These include air-conditioned vehicle for private Ephesus tours, as well as the price include the parking fee. However, it excludes the entrance fee into the museums and the price of lunch or refreshment that they have on the way.  

Why are People Interested in Visiting at Ephesus

Reason for Going to Ephesus

The reason can be interest in history and culture. The reason may be beauty. The reason may be the archeological sites or it may also be some religious buildings. Every person may have a different reason for being attracted towards Ephesus, because this is the place which offers a plethora of things to see for people of various interests. You will see religious sites, as well as ancient ruins, some great archeological structures along with some churches as well. Ephesus has a lot to offer to its tourists. The city of Ephesus is actually famous for the ancient shrine, or say the Temple of Artemis. it may not be the wonder of the world now, but it was once. Although there are many more places to see, but this places is more well known as famous around the world. Moreover the city of Ephesus is also known to house one of the famous seven churches of Asia. The Roman ruins are found in abundance here. some of the ruins can be seen easily, and there are some which are present in the Museum, am lot of them are just hidden beneath the earth. The basilica of St. John is another place which is known that it is the place where St John spent the last days of his life. This is the tomb in Ephesus, built in the 6th century AD.

Key Places to See In the Ancient City

Odeon is the theatre in Ephesus. The theatre was known to allow 1500 people to stay, with 22 stairs, where concerts were held. however, tourists may be lucky enough to find a concert being held in the days of their visit as well. Then there are other temples in Ephesus, that are also a great attraction and an important reason for why people visit it. Among the famous temples of Ephesus, there are the Temple of Hadrian, and also that of Domitian. The Archeological Museum in Ephesus is also a place to visit, with a number of figurines and other things to show the ancient life in the city. Ephesus Hadrian Temple The fountain of Polloi is a great attraction in Ephesus. Apart from the many cultural and religious sites, it is one of the scenic attractions of the city. It is strange to note that the Artemis Temple in Ephesus was under the earth surface until it was discovered by a German archeologist. It also has a link with Christianity, since it was centre for the spread of Christianity. The catholic and orthodox Christians have a lot in this city of Ephesus. It’s just that one needs to take out enough time to explore the whole city of Ephesus thoroughly. Although two day tour can be enough, even a smaller tour can be enough, but a detailed one will need more days. Those who are more interested in exploring the ruins and studying the things in the museum and knowing a lot about the archeological sites, should take out enough time. There are Private Ephesus tours, that are specially for international tourists. They have guides who converse in English, and are ready to provide all the needed information to the tourists, along with answering to their various questions. A trip to Ephesus is an amazing and a memorable one, so whoever is thinking of planning a vacation somewhere, should prefer to go to Ephesus, and make it the time of life.

Key Places to Visit in Ephesus

Many people go to Turkey to visit a number of attractions. One of the most attractive city of Turkey is Ephesus. This is a home to a number of cultural and archeological sites, and that is why many people of this interest are attracted towards it. However, many people who visit Ephesus go there for just a day or two. With this much limited time, it is important that one should know the important sites to visit in Ephesus, so that he may spend most of the time and observing the sites, rather than just searching for them and trying to know about the important ones. Since Ephesus is an ancient city, which was once the capital of Roman Empire, it is truly to hold a number of antique things. There are the marble paved roads, the temples, the theatres, and many things that remind a person of the past age. There are a number of historical sites and churches as well, and that is why many of the Americans are also attracted towards it. If you take a Private Ephesus Tour, the key areas to visit in Ephesus are :
  • Artemis Temple
  • Archeology Museum of Ephesus
  • House of Virgin Mary
  • Sirince Village
  • Library of Celsus

Artemis Temple

Artemis Temple Starting with the Artemis Temple, the most important thing to know about it is that it is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is a must visit, and one who goes to Ephesus must not leave it. This temple has been named after the goddess Artemis.

House of the Virgin Mary

The House of Virgin Mary is another place that is a must visit in Ephesus. It is known to be the place where Mary spent breathed her last breaths. The Vatican consider as a shrine for them. All tourists must have cameras with them, since all these sites are worth taking their photographs. This house is situated on Nightingale Mountain.

Archeology Museum of Ephesus

Ephesus Museum A few kilometer away from the Temple of Artemis, there is the Archeology museum. It is again a place for all those interested in history and culture. Among the spectacular things to see at the museum, there are the two statues of Artemis. These are the life size statues.

Sirince Village

To have a look at the mixture of Turkish and Greek culture, the Sirince Village is a must watch in Ephesus. However, tourists must take out enough time to explore it thoroughly. At least 3 to 4 hours are needed to explore it completely. An amazing thing about this village is that it is situated on a mountain. These means many scenic views can be seen from the mountain, such as the vineyards, the peach trees, and even a church. Ephesus handicraft made by women is also well known, and entering this village is a great way to socialize with

Ephesus, An Ancient City of Turkey

Ephesus has a rich history and a great cultural background. It is said that this city of Ephesus was created by Androclos. He is known to be the son of king of Athens. This king, fled from the place and settled in a new locations. Once when he was hunting a boar, the boar ran, and finally he caught it, and killed it. The place where the boar was slain was known to be the place from the city of Ephesus was established. However, just like anything else, historians have also other sayings. Some also say that Ionians were the ones who founded this city. Whoever, founded the city of Ephesus, it was later expanded by Romans, and eventually made the capital of the large empire. The city is situated on the mouth of the Cayster River. It is also a great sea port, and that is why also it was a great commercial centre.

The History and Culture of Ephesus

Ephesus Turkey is situated on the western part of Turkey. It was once a trading centre and a religious place, with a number of temples and churches. It is one of the important ancient, commercial cities of the Mediterranean part of the world. Ephesus is also considered as one of the precious, ancient site.

Attractions in the Ancient Ephesus CityEphesus

So, with a rich cultural background, the city of Ephesus also attracts people with religious interest. It is the city where there is the Temple of Artemis. This is the shrine of the goddess Artemis. Moreover, a number of Christians also visit the place, because it is a place where Christianity spread. A number of important cults were there in Ephesus, some of these include the House of Virgin Mary, as well as the St John Basilica. Another reason for its rich culture is that the city of Ephesus as been invaded by a number of people. That is why there is a mixed culture in there. When the tourists enter the city, they will see the main entrance gate which is the Magnesia Gate, a place to be impressed with. Then walking on the marble street of Ephesus is also worth it. The fountains, theaters and temples in Ephesus are just worth seeing. There are some places that have been renovated according to the present times, while some are left as they are. tourists who go to Ephesus love to take pictures of all these ancient sites. The Celsus Library, is also a place to visit.

Ephesus Tours

All those tourists who are planning to make their next vacation at Ephesus, must get enough knowledge of all these places, so that they can concentrate on looking at them, once they reach there. A number of private Ephesus tours companies are available, that provide private vehicles and guides for the tourists, so they could go round the city, and look at places with their own ease and comfort. It is said that 5 % of the ancient city has been uncovered. there is a lot more of it hidden beneath the earth, and when one looks at the ruins, it leaves him wondering, and wondering of how the ancient life in Ephesus would be, it is truly a place to visit. When one visits Ephesus, he would find himself in an ancient world, somewhere other than the original world, in which they live. Ephesus It is full of peace and serenity, free of all the tensions and worries of daily life.